Shockwave Therapy for heal pain/back pain now available! Get it done today!

About Us

Why Choose Us

We make sure your needs come first, it is our duty to serve you. Every patient that visits Van Rehab is a happy patient, living a better life.

How We Can Help You

We provide top-class treatments from experienced professionals.Some of the services we provide are physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, custom made orthotics, compression stockings etc.

See the Difference

Van Rehab has revolutionized Physiotherapy in Brampton since 2016, to experience excellent physical care, visit us today!  Our therapists will take care of you and help you recover. 

Three Convenient Locations To Serve You!

Van Rehab Location #1


C/O Healthplex Medical Centre

150 West Drive, Unit No.100

Brampton, ON

L6T 4P9

T :905-454-7410 Ext #4

Van Rehab Location #2


8897 The Gore Road, Unit No.26

Brampton ON,

L6P 2L1

T: 905-913-1777

Van Rehab Location #3


C/O Conestoga Medical Centre

380 Bovaird Drive E., Unit No.26

Brampton, ON

L6Z 2S8

T: 905-497-7410